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10 Top Performing Philippine Stocks - June 2016

Ever pondered what are the best stocks to purchase in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)? Numerous technical analysts assert that the most ideal approach to anticipate what's to come is to investigate the past performance. This post will showcase the top ten performing stocks for the month of June 2016. The information appeared beneath are from period June 1 to June 30.

If you have invested even only maybe a couple of the highlighted stocks underneath, you should appreciate the exceptional yields at this point! Are you fortunate enough to have possessed these stocks? Congrats!

Ten Best Stocks in the Philippines - June 2016

1. Bloomberry Resorts Corp : BLOOM

Price range: P4.08 - P6.64
Percent change: 62.75%
Industry: Casinos & Gaming

2. Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corporation : MCP

Price range: P2.32 - P3.77
Percent change: 62.50%
Industry: Casinos & Gaming

3. Apex Mining Co., Inc. : APX

Price range: P2.22 - P3.49
Percent change: 57.21%
Industry: Mining

4. Premium Leisure Corp. : PLC

Price range: P0.92 - P1.17
Percent change: 27.17%
Industry: Casinos & Gaming

5. Primex Corporation : PRMX

Price range: P8.5 - P10.8
Percent change: 27.06%
Industry: Property

6. LBC Express Holdings, Inc. : LBC

Price range: P11.98 - P15.00
Percent change: 25.21%
Industry: Transportation Services

7. F & J Prince Holdings Corporation : FJPB

Price range: P5 - P6.2
Percent change: 24.0%
Industry: Holding Firms

8. Cyber Bay Corporation : CYBR

Price range: P0.52 - P0.64
Percent change: 23.08%
Industry: Property

9. Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. : PNX

Price range: P5.17 - P6.20
Percent change: 19.92%
Industry: Electricity, Energy, Power & Water

10. Philex Mining Corporation : PX

Price range: P7.08 - P8.45
Percent change: 19.35%
Industry: Mining

The Come Back of the Casinos and Gaming Industry

Three out of ten best stocks come from the casinos and gaming sector. Bloomberry Resorts Corp (BLOOM) which was a loser last year showed a come back by gaining 62.75% in just a month-time amid a positive earnings forecast for the second quarter of this year. The last time I checked, the momentum is still strong.

It was this particular stocks that dragged my portfolio down to the negative territory, see my story here. Nevertheless, since its recovery, I have sold almost half of my total BLOOM position with a double digit profit. Actually, all I wanted previously was to reach the break-even, but how it rallied so quickly surprised me a lot. So when some of the shares that I hold hit above 10% profit, I sold them off without hesitation.

The other two winner stocks from the gaming industry are Melco Crown Resorts Corp (MCP) and Premium Leisure Corp (PLC). Remember that almost all of the gaming stocks were badly affected last year due to China's aggressive campaign against corruption which resulted in some big-time gamblers in the industry to lay low for a while to avoid getting caught. However the gaming sector is picking up this time with earnings outperforming the forecasts. After all, it has fallen quite significantly already for the past couple of years. It probably reached the bottom already and it's now time to bounce up.

Panic in the Mining Industry

All mining stocks went into a steep dive after President Duterte announced and offered Gina Lopez the cabinet position of becoming the secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Gina Lopez known for his advocacy against mining created a panic to investors. Apex Mining Co (APX) plunged by -12.20% in two days. However, it immediately rebounded the day after and it continued to surge for three consecutive trading days leaving a 85.19% increase.

Another winner from the mining sector is Philex Mining Corporation (PX). This stock was gradually climbing up since May. However it took a major beating on the day of Gina Lopez’ appointment and the day after causing it to lose -21.71%, much larger than APX’s two-day loss. Despite that, it slowly recovered and up to this day it still attempts to break the P9.35 resistance level.

Taking Advantage of the BUY Opportunity

The panic on mining stocks created an opportunity for active traders to make money. I did not want to miss the chance so I bought some shares of PX the very first day it started to show a reversal. I managed to acquire 10,000 shares for only P7.23 a piece.

List of Best Stocks With Yield Greater Than 10 Percent

Table of high yield stocks June 2016

Do you know what were the catalysts that triggered the extraordinary rise in stock prices? Add a comment below.

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    Is it to safe or wise to invest some of your earnings in stocks rather than investing it in real estate? When it comes to stocks, there's no guarantee you'll make money at any given point in time.

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