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10 Top Performing Philippine Stocks - May 2016

10 top performing stocks

Ever wondered what are the best stocks to buy in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)? Many technical analysts claim that the best way to predict the future is to take a look at the past performance. This post will summarize the top ten performing stocks for the month of May 2016. I haven’t had the chance to get hold of the closing prices on the first week so the data shown below are from period May 10 to May 31.

If you have invested even just one or two of the featured stocks below, you must be enjoying the high returns by now! Are you lucky enough to have owned these stocks? Congratulations!

Ten Best Stocks in the Philippines - May 2016

1. Philex Petroleum Corp : PXP

Price range: P2.36 - P3.86
Percent change: 63.6%
Industry: Oil

2. Double Dragon : DD

Price range: P37.95 - P53.9
Percent change: 42.0%
Industry: Property

3. TKC Metals Corp : T

Price range: P1.22 - P1.71
Percent change: 40.2%
Industry: Construction, Infrastructure & Allied Services

4. Trans-Asia Petroleum Corporation : TAPET

Price range: P3.18 - P4.02
Percent change: 26.4%
Industry: Oil

5. Max's Group Inc : MAXS

Price range: P22 - P27.55
Percent change: 25.2%
Industry: Food, Beverage & Tobacco

6. AG Finance Inc : AGF

Price range: P3.00 - P3.73
Percent change: 24.3%
Industry: Financial

7. Top Frontier Investment Holdings Inc : TFHI

Price range: P146 - P181
Percent change: 24.0%
Industry: Holding Firms

8. San Miguel Corp : SMC

Price range: P66.4 - P82
Percent change: 23.5%
Industry: Holding Firms

9. Liberty Flour Mills Inc : LFM

Price range: P35 - P43
Percent change: 22.9%
Industry: Food, Beverage & Tobacco

10. Yehey! Corp : YEHEY

Price range: P5.35 - P6.5
Percent change: 21.5%
Industry: Information Technology

Philex Petroleum Corp and Trans-Asia Petroleum Corporation, both under the mining and oil industry, belong to the top list as they have enjoyed the rebound in oil prices earlier this year. As of this writing, the oil price breached the $50 level leading to speculations whether this is just the beginning of the long-term recovery or already the ceiling. What do you think?

On the other hand, Double Dragon never fails to impress the investors as it continues to soar from the very first day of its initial public offering (IPO) back in 2014 until today. On its disclosure dated May 16, 2016, Double Dragon or known as DD posted a total revenue increase of 33% and a gross profit margin growth of 52% during the first quarter of the year. The company is growing with rage like an angry bird. With high-trusted management team coupled with ever-growing demand in the property market, this company became one of the best performing stocks in the Philippine Stock Market for the last couple of years. Are you one of the lucky investors who own shares of this company?

List of Best Stocks With Yield Greater Than 10 Percent

Table of high yield stocks May 2016

Do you know what were the catalysts that triggered the extraordinary rise in stock prices? Add a comment below.

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  • Karl

    I bought shares of T, but that was after its sudden spike in May 17-19. I thought its growth would be sustained, but no. So I sold off after making a tiny, tiny, cute little single-digit profit. :) I do own some DD though. Nice how it's been consistent so far.

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  • Karl

    Add ko lang po, your observation that there's speculation on whether oil price has either peaked or will continue rising is spot on. Basically, what that means is that there's still uncertainty on the oil price in spite of its recovery. Kaya nakakanerbyos po sa akin mag-invest sa M-O companies na biglang tumataas yung share price, I know now that the spike may well be just a one-off.

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  • BomBitz

    Congratulations on owning DD!
    I acquired shares of T months back at 1.62. For some time I was one of the "ipit". But I did not cut loss, I waited and the patience paid off when it suddenly spiked this May. Sold it at 3.19 with a sweet profit of +94.42%.

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  • Johann

    Is this record updated? thanks.

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