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NBI Clearance Fastest Branch - Only 2 Minutes Processing Time

I wanted to give a big shout out to NBI - Bacoor City Hall branch for releasing my NBI clearance in just 2 minutes! Yes, you read it right, it’s literally two minutes from the moment I entered the room. This is the fastest-ever transaction I’ve experienced in a government agency in the Philippines.

I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it. Is this real? I kept asking myself while looking at my NBI clearance trying to find any mistake or if they missed a signature or if there’s a spelling error. I even stayed inside the hall for a couple more minutes to make sure that I wasn’t just dreaming. But no, everything was perfect!

Gone are the days that you have to waste your entire day on long queues and inefficiency. Whoever brought this change, a big thank you!

So if you want to get your National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance the fastest way possible, go to the NBI branch in Bacoor City Hall. Just follow the steps below:

How to Apply for NBI Clearance online

1. Register online at the official NBI website Take note that the agency is now strictly implementing the "NO APPOINTMENT NO ENTRY POLICY". So make sure that you register and make an appointment online at least a day in advance before visiting the nearest branch.

2. Select the checkbox whether you have an old NBI clearance or not. If you do have, just enter your old NBI ID number. If not, you will need to enter your email address together with your personal details such as complete name, gender, civil status, and birthdate in order to create a new account.

3. Once you are registered, you can now sign in using your email and password.

4. Fill-in the online personal information form. It’s important to make sure you provide the correct details because these will be shown in your NBI clearance.

5. Set an appointment. Choose your desired date (AM or PM) and the branch where you want to get your clearance from.

6. To complete the transaction, choose one of the payment options (bank over the counter, online banking, mobile payment, bayad center, and multipay). You will be given a detailed instruction on how to pay.

7. You will be given a reference number. You need to show this on your appointment day. Printing of application form is not necessary. You can actually just list down the reference number or image-capture it using your phone. You can even memorise it if you want!

NBI Clearance reference number

Where to Apply for NBI Clearance

There’s one tip I’m gonna share with you. Choose the location where the maximum slots are smaller compared to others.

For example, I live in General Trias. I could either go to Robinson’s Place Dasmarinas or Bacoor City Hall. Before I made my decision, I’ve been researching online through forums in Facebook and blogs and I found out that getting your NBI clearance at Robinson’s Place Dasmarinas will take you ages.

People complain about the long queues. Then I realised it’s not because the process is slow, it’s because there are a lot of people getting the clearance on the same day.

At Robinson’s Place Dasmarinas (Pala-Pala), the maximum slot is 1000 per day (i.e. 500 in the morning and 500 in the afternoon). At the Bacoor City Hall branch, they only accommodate a maximum of 500 applicants (250 in the morning and 250 in the afternoon). So it makes a lot of sense to choose the latter. Less number of people, shorter queue, faster issuance of your NBI clearance.

Be sure to arrive there early in the morning. Even if you have an online appointment, they still serve you on first-come first-serve basis. I reached Bacoor City Hall at around 8:45AM on a Monday, and there were only 5 people in the queue. That was one reason why I got the clearance in just 2 minutes. Here’s how they process it:

NBI Clearance Processing

1. You sit down. When it’s your time to be served, they will call you and you approach the service desk.

2. At the first desk (or window), show your appointment number. The clerk will enter you number in the system and pull-out your personal information. She will ask you to verify it. That’s why it’s so important to make everything correct when you fill-in the online form to save time. It took me only 5 seconds to glance at the monitor and I said yes, everything is okay.

3. Your photo will be taken using their webcam. I'm not sure if you can smile, but definitely don't frown.

4. You also need to affix your fingerprint.

5. Move to the next desk (or window). Here, your NBI clearance will be printed out if there’s no problem like HIT (same name with another person).

NBI Clearance

That’s it. Pretty simple and quick, very efficient. And the employees there move swiftly, they don’t want to waste time. Congratulations and job well done NBI clearance staff at Bacoor City Hall.



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  • Chris

    Ask ko lang po, nagapply po kasi sa nbi alabang eh naHIT po yung sakin meaning maghihintay pa po ako ng ilang araw bago makuha yung nbi ko. Pag po kaya jan ako sa bacoor magapply hindi po ba ako mahiHIT? Talagang one day process po kahit may kapangalan ka? Kailangan ko na po kasi ng nbi clearance para makapagwork na eh. Thanks po

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  • Mary-Ann Basas

    Paano kpag Mali ang signature paano sya mapapalitan?thanks sa sasagot po

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  • bunny

    Hi!I would just like to share my experience with the procedure of getting an NBI clearance now a days. But first, I just want to clarify, NBI is National Bureau of Investigation and not National Bureau of Immigration. :)
    Second, if you have a "Hit" you have to wait for two (2) weeks before you can get your clearance because the verification, as per the personnel there, will come from the main office. I'm just wondering why it will take that long to verify and why can't it be done by the personnel processing the clearance. But if you do not have a "Hit", the release is indeed just after a few minutes.

    Like 0 Short URL: Reply
  • BomBitz

    Thanks for pointing it out bunny. I have it corrected already :)
    Regarding the "hit" issue, I also have no idea why it needs to take that long. Perhaps, they have limited number of personnel who are the only ones authorised to do the verification. But still I believe there's still an ample room for improvement.

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  • Ivy

    Hello po. ask ko lng how to commute to Bacoor gov center to get my NBI clearance, if galing akong Talaba or meron ba from SM Bacoor na masasakyan dun? Thanks in advance.

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  • rose

    ask q lng po sana kz un boss q korean pero meron n permanent visa ngayon kailangan ulet irenew para m upgrade un visa nia req.po eh nbi panu po kaya un?

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  • Dan

    Hello, I just wanna ask lang po if ano pa ba ang requirements if magpaparenew po kayo ng NBI clearance travel abroad? May record na po ako but sa Cagayan de Oro po ako kumuha ng NBI ko. Dito sa Bacoor po first time. Nagawa ko na po yong steps and I also pay for charges na po. Do i really need to submit Police clearance and Brgy clearance?

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  • Denver

    Hello po tanong ko lang po. Pano po pag hit po ung name mo tpos may flight ka pong biglaan for work abroad, eh kailangan mo na ung clearance ano pong dpat gawin diro po please i need aome advice.

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  • Erick

    Hi sir, ask ko lang po how to commute going to bacoor city hall if manggagaling ako sa lancaster or kalayaan. thanks ?

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  • Catz

    Well depende kung wala kang kapangalan. 2 to 3 weeks sa knila if may kapangalan ka so much better doon sa main kc 3 days lng s knila.

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